ICAAM 2018 was held in TRNC !

The Fourth of the International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICAAM) was held in TRNC. The aim of the ICAAM is to bring mathematicians working in the area of analysis and applied mathematics together to share new trends of applications of mathematics. In mathematics, the developments in the field of applied mathematics open new research areas in analysis and vice versa. That is why, we plan to found the conference series to provide a forum for researches and scientists to communicate their recent developments and to present their original results in various fields of analysis and applied mathematics.

The conference is organized biannually. Previous conferences were held in Gumushane, Turkey in 2012, in Shymkent, Kazakhstan in 2014, and in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2016. The proceedings of ICAAM 2012, ICAAM 2014, and ICAAM 2016 were published in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings. Near East University is pleased to host the fourth conference which is focused on various topics of analysis and its applications, applied mathematics and modeling (see the detailed list).

The conference consist of plenary lectures, mini symposiums and contributed oral presentations.

The proceedings of ICAAM 2018 was published in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings.

Selected full papers of this conference was published in peer-reviewed journals.

The main organizer of the conference is:

  • Near East University, Nicosia (Lefkoşa),  Mersin 10, Turkey.

The conference is also supported by

  • Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Conference Book: ABSTRACT_BOOK_ICAAM_2018_final_04-09-18